Leafs Sign NCAA Prospect Tyler Bozak!

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Way to go Brian Burke! Named the Fabian Brunnstrom of this season Bozak was a much sought after NCAA prospect after going undrafted and was on the shortlists of 25 NHL teams. I've got to think that Burkie guaranteed him a spot on the roster this season and that had something to do with it. Bozak's a sturdy 2 way center with offensive upside, a potential 50-60 point man in the NHL imo. He's coming off a knee injury, but he's impressed at the NCAA level with 23 points in 19 games this past season.

Not only does this replace the 4th that we lost but it adds to our bare cupboard. Now we wait for Gilroy.

The rebuild is on Toronto!!

Here's some Samurai for you to enjoy. Hopefully we'll see a lot more in the NHL.

Leafs Sign NCAA prospect Christian Hanson

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Yes the son of "Slapshot" legend Dave Hanson has been signed by Brian Burke, and the Leafs.

He's a big gritty 3rd line centre with some goal scoring touch around the net. This just looks like it's part of Burke's "Sign 5 college players and hope 2 make it" plan. Too bad there's no fighting in NCAA hockey otherwise we can really see this guy goon it up like his dad. AM 640 has said Hanson could be part of the pregame skate on Wednesday, and be in the lineup by Friday!!

Prospects Leafs Should Target: Kevin Shattenkirk

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Being selected 14th overall in the 2007 NHL draft Shattenkirk isn’t the biggest or meanest player around. At 5’11 he is fairly undersized for a defenseman, but don’t let his size fool you. Shattenkirk is one of the top 50 prospects in hockey and currently the best prospect in the Colorado Avalanche.



In the 06/07 Shattenkirk was given the honor of being named the captain of the U-18 NTDP squad where he took the team to the sliver medal winning US U-18 Team the IIHF U-18 World Championships.


Without doubt the stronger part of his game Shattenkirk is an offensive minded defenseman with a deceptively strong shot. The development of his offensive game is noticed when looking at his point production for the past few years.

SEASON*** TEAM*************************************** GP G A PTS +/- PIM
2005-06 USNTDP 28 6 9 15 NA 17
2006 USNTDP 12 3 7 10 NA 10
2006-07 USNTDP 14 5 8 13 NA 26

During the 2007-08 season Shattenkirk recorded 21 points in 40 games.
During the 2008-09 season Shattenkirk recorded 26 points in 39 games.


Don’t be fooled to think that offense is the only arsenal that Shattenkirk has. He is also defensively responsible. He doesn’t deliver the big hits rather makes the smart plays. He may not be big enough to knock some players down but he is strong enough to mustard players off the puck.


There are no glaring weaknesses in Shattenkirk’s game. He will need to develop his size more, improve further defensively and continue to improve offensively.

Size will always be a concern and fear of injuries in the NHL might occur. However, knowing this Shattenkirk is already working with a school program at Boston University over the summer with his strength coach.


Shattenkirk’s safest bet would be a top 4 NHL Dman who will be mostly used on the PP. However, if Shattenkirk does reach his full potential he can easily be a top paring Dman who can play both on the PP and PK. The only thing that will limit him from being considered a no. 1 Dman will be his lack of size and ability to eat heavier minutes [24+ ATOI] on a continuos basis [20 or so + ATOI is what I expect].

NHL Player Comparable

Dan Boyle or Brian Rafalski

A top paring Dman who will be responsible in his own end expected to put up fairly decent [50 or so points] offensive production.

Next in this new series of posts, Nashville D prospect Jonathan Blum.

Sorry BOB fans!

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Sorry BOB fans that we haven't been posting nearly as much. One of the bad things about being in highschool is that you get derailed with a bunch of work. I have the post material ready, and I'll slap it up on here tomorrow. Too tired now. Till then!

Ronnie Wilson Gets the Boot.

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You've seen it in baseball, you've seen it in basketball, and now you've seen it in hockey.

Gotta hand it to the guy, he still hasn't given up on the season. Hats off to our ballsy bench boss Ron Wilson.

Mike Van Glass Out for the Season.

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Looks like MVR is going to call it a season with a torn MCL.

In his first season wearing the blue and white the wore down glass man played 20 hardcore games. I must admit most of his injuries were due to dirty ass plays that should never happen in hockey.

Here we have rare footage of both glass men on the ice together at the same time!! Sight to behold Leafs fans.

Getcha popcorn ready Toronto/Buffalo!

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Since we're close to Buffalo, my dad's a Bills fan, and the CFL sucks. B.O.B. will be following the Bills as well as other Toronto based teams.

In what I think is one of the best moves in the off season. The Buffalo Bills signed one of the biggest free agents available the oh so flamboyant Terrell Owens.

Why is this so freaking awesome? Because now Lee Evans doesn't have to face double and triple coverage every game. Trent Edwards will have some new found confidence, and hell its Terrell god damn Owens.

Laveranues Coles was signed by the Bengals for 7 Million, and the Bills signed TO for 6 Million who would you rather have?